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  1. New Year, New Lifestyle: Top Tips for Making it Last

    We're giving away 1,000 meals this month - and we're doing it because we know that your New Year's resolution to lose weight can go a lot further than just a couple months. In fact, the choices you make can last a lifetime!

    By giving away our freshly-prepared, nutritionally-balanced, delicious meals, we want to help you eat right and enjoy a convenient way to lose weight. We also want to reaffirm what a proper portion-size looks like and help you understand that eating healthy food does not mean you have to go without. 

    Here are the top tips for making the new you this year last a lifetime:

    Set S.M.A.R.T. goals - You can achieve tangible, realistic goals. You can't achieve vague ones. Make a pledge for lifelong success.

    • Make one small change a week - It'll be habit before you know it.
    • Set aside time for fitness - Put it in the calendar and make it part of your routine. Shoot for morning workouts.
    • Figure out what works for you - No time to cook? Purchase prepackaged meals that are healthy and nutritious.
    • Sleep & Relax - Get plenty of rest to help you power through every single day, and make you-time at least once a week.
    • Allow yourself the occasional indulgence - A sweet treat now and then isn't going to hurt you.
    • Use Social Media - Find other people on the same journey (bloggers, tweeters, group forums, etc.) and share your goal to stay accountable. Follow industry influencers for news and motivation. (Read more on this: here)
    • Leave room for error - Making a mistake doesn't mean you should give up altogether.
    • Love yourself - Be content in your own skin and proud of every accomplishment.

    (Photo Courtesy: Kristin Womack)

    Enter for your chance to kickstart your healthy lifestyle with free meals from us:

    Full rules here.

    Remember, weight loss is about improving your overall health so that you live longer, gain strength and confidence, and are able to enjoy the things that you couldn't before.

    Diet-to-Go makes it easy; there's no hassle, no messy clean-up and no trying to figure out how to fit healthy meals that taste great too into your life. We deliver meals nationwide, right to your doorstep, and have fresh pickup locations in several major U.S. cities.

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