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  1. 5 Great Things That Diet-to-Go Has Done Just for You

    A lot of companies say they care about their clients, but Diet-to-Go talks the talk and walks the walk. Last year, our motto became "It's more convenient than ever to be a customer!" and our small but energetic team pushed through a lot of great things.

    I asked our Vice President of Administration, Rachel Lynch, to select and comment on the top 5 things that Diet-to-Go did in 2009.

    Here are her choices:

    "We never rest on our laurels here at Diet-to-Go," says Rachel, who spends much of her day making sure our customer service is second to none.

    "We're always looking for new ways to make our site more user friendly, our service more seamless and our food even more delicious and healthy!"

    New Website & Logo

    Last April 1 we launched a terrific new-and-improved website - with a new logo to boot!

    We're not blowing smoke when we say we are so proud of the useful website we serve up for our potential and current customers.

    Our ultimate goal is to make the Diet-to-Go experience of ordering and updating existing orders as convenient as our delicious meals make your daily life.

    Hopefully you've utilized one of the most popular sections of our website: This section not only provides convenient forms to update your order, but also provides you with special notices, company "New and Events" that give you personal insight to the friendly folks that make our company wonderful, and quick links to the menus, nutritional information and much, much more!

    Another popular area that you need to check out is the Diet-to-Go blog written by our editor John McGran, a guy you may know by his alter-ego of Mr. Bad Food. John submits blogs on an almost daily basis so be sure to check back often at for his slightly twisted take on food and dieting.

    Keen-eyed visitors will notice that we also upgraded the Diet-to-Go logo. The new version is more modern looking and sports the great tag line: "Eat Healthy. Live Well." Consider it our promise to you!

    Improved Food Quality & Packaging

    We hear it often - our food is getting better all the time! We know that is testament to John Stewart, our Vice President of Operations. John really went above and beyond in 2009. He raised the bar on purchasing, packaging, working with our team of chefs, and acquiring new equipment to improve the overall quality of our food.

    It is our goal that our meals arrive as fresh as humanly possible and in perfect condition. We salute John and his team for their tireless work to make your experience the best it can be!

    Green Initiative: Reduced Paper Waste

    Last year we continued our Green Initiative by eliminating much of the paper we used to include in each weekly order. Instead of printed matter, we made our announcements and important information conveniently available on our revamped website. That way we're not only saving trees, but the information is available to you wherever you are! No more keeping track of papers!

    I must give credit where credit is due. This Green Initiative was suggested by our customers. We love customer feedback - and we do listen! So please keep it coming. If you have a suggestion or feedback, please post it here:

    Improved Meal Labels

    Another great improvement we made last year: detailed labels on the meals. This was originally part of a Green Initiative. It grew to really benefit the customer more than anything. Instead of having to reference a menu or trying to decipher which meal is which, you now need only glance at the label. You'll find instructions for preparing and serving right on the lid.

    This endeavor was quite a big one and is actually a work in progress. Hopefully you'll see 100% of our meals labeled over the course of the next few months. Great work TEAM!

    More Convenient Pick-Up Locations

    For those customers who pick-up their meals, a convenient location is KEY to the success and overall benefit of our program. This year our team headed up by Vice President of Sales Dan Schmidt added - drum roll, please - 31 new partner locations!

    A lot of work goes into landing new locations and partners. Our hope is that these new partners, as well as our pre-existing ones, make our program all the more convenient for our customers. To find the location nearest you, check out our handy map at

    The theme for 2009 was to improve our program for our valued customers. We hope you agree that Diet-to-Go IS MORE CONVENIENT than ever. We're working hard to make 2010 an even better year for you!

    Author: John McGran

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