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  1. Sleep and Weight Loss

    Did you know that on average, overweight people sleep 16 minutes less per day than do people of normal weight? In fact, data from the over 68,000 women followed in the Nurses’ Health Study, show that those who slept 5 hours or less per night were nearly a third more likely to gain 30 pounds than those who slept 7 hours a night.

  2. Have a Sedentary Job? 6 Tips to Make Work Healthier

    Sedentary jobs can wreak havoc on your health and fitness goals. How can you overcome the detrimental effects? Check out these five tips for making your time at work healthier for your body. 

  3. Walk Your Way to Health

    In many ways, walking does not get the kudos it deserves in the realm of fitness and health. But, if you think about walking as an exercise, it really has a lot going for it. Walking is easy on the joints, can be fun either alone or with others, doesn’t require fancy gear or equipment, can be performed indoors or out, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and sizes.

  4. 5 Simple Ways to Jazz Up a Salad

    There’s no need to settle for a boring salad. Jazz up your salad by packing it with protein, adding savory flavors, and getting creative with preparation. This post will take your salad from drab to fab in no time!

  5. 6 Small Lifestyle Changes That Can Make a Big Impact

    Every year people vow to make drastic changes to their lifestyle to improve their health. Many make promises to themselves to go to the gym three days each week, some say they’ll never eat their temptation food again, and a lot of people try to eat healthier and decide to go on a diet to lose weight.

  6. 15 Health and Wellness Experts You Should Be following on Twitter

    Explore some of our favorite health, wellness, and fitness specialists in just 140 characters. These 15 people have fun and informative tweets that will help you stay educated and motivated on your journey towards a healthier you.

  7. 10 Tips For Beating Unhealthy Temptations

    One of the hardest things about making changes to your diet is trying to fight the temptation that comes with eating healthier. If you are celebrating a birthday, you’ll want to enjoy a piece of cake. If it is Thanksgiving, you’ll want a piece (or two) of pie. These are situations that will come up often enough that you have to have a plan in place of how to skip the foods that temp you. Doing small things like identifying your temptations, drinking more water and being accountable to yourself can make big changes. 

  8. A Beginner’s Guide to Mindful Eating

    How you eat matters. Learn how to start eating mindfully and create a more satisfying meal experience every day.

  9. Silencing Fat Talk: The Power of Positive Speaking

    Fat talk may seem like friendly banter, but it can be damaging to your well being. Learn more about what fat talk is and how to get it out of your life.

  10. 7 Healthy Tips for the Office

    Your job may have a sneaky way of robbing time, influencing bad decisions and taking away your well-intended plans, but you can do something about it. 

  11. 3 Tips to Focus like an Olympian

    It may seem intimidating when starting down a path of change, but know that you are not alone. Even Olympians need help in finding their focus.

  12. Success Story: Virginia Man's Weight Loss Gives Him New Lease on Life

    Diet-to-Go customer and Virginia resident Steve used the healing treatment of a long-term disease as the catalyst he needed to finally lose the weight for good. Check out his amazing story of success.

  13. New Year, New Lifestyle: Top Tips for Making it Last

    We're giving away 1,000 meals this month - and we're doing it because we know that your New Year's resolution to lose weight can go a lot further than just a couple months. In fact, here are the top tips to make choices that will last a lifetime! Plus, enter here for your chance to win!

  14. Live One-Hour Twitter Party: The Anti-New Year’s Resolution - Win Prizes!

    Join us for a live, one-hour Twitter party where we will facilitate a very real discussion about getting out of the “I need to be skinny now” mindset and into the “I’m going to live a confident, healthy life” one. You could win free meals, a Fitbit or a Wi-Fi scale just by joining!

  15. 1,000 Meal Giveaway Sweepstakes: Enter to Win!

    It’s the New Year, and we’re bringing it in with a bang! We’re giving away 1,000 meals this month, and tons of other great prizes!

  16. 7 Daily Doses to Relieve Stress Before Christmas

    It’s the busiest time of year. Between finding the perfect gifts, family plays, Christmas parties, volunteering, traveling and putting up extra guests in your home, it can be nearly impossible to find time to unwind. To avoid packing on excess holiday pounds and maybe even enjoy the holiday spirit, here are 7 Daily Doses to Relieve Stress Before Christmas.

  17. Top 10 Healthy Christmas Party Finger Foods

    Unsure what to bring to your next Christmas party, holiday Pot-Luck or festive soiree? Not to worry. We’ve got the list of the Top 10 Healthy Christmas Party Finger Foods. Recipes included. ☺

  18. 100 Healthy Holiday Gifts & Pin-to-Win Contest

    It’s the perfect time of year to give the friends, family and loved ones in your life gifts of health and wellness. No matter what it is they’re doing to change their life - lose weight, cook healthier food, exercise, even just relax on occasion - you’ll find the perfect gift for them on our gift guide. 

  19. 5 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Health

    Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the health and nutrition information you hear every day, start by making a few easy changes to your diet that will pay off down the road. Here are 5 things you can start doing today that will lead to improved health in your future.

  20. Roni Noone Spreads Message of Confidence

    Roni Noone is a leader in the weight loss and wellness blogging community. Through her many different websites and personal journey, she has inspired thousands of others to use blogging as the catalyst to change their lives and get healthy. So how did she take on such an important role? Here's her story.

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