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  1. 2 Weeks into My Diet & I'm 10.6 lbs Down!

    When I told my wife I'm losing it, she thought I meant my mental faculties -- and she agreed! Well, maybe so dear... But I'm here today to tell the world I am also losing weight with the Diet-to-Go Traditional Low-Fat Meal Plan!

    How I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks

    As of this morning, I am 10.6 pounds lighter after just two weeks on the program. The dumbbell at right represents the weight I've dropped so far.

    It gives me such a lift to realize that i simply stopped eating and drinking calorie-rich junk and started eating nutrient-rich good food -- and I lost so much weight by doing so!

    This week, I intend to start doing daily push-ups and crunches -- and to boost the number of days I work walking into my routine.

    Be sure to come back next Wednesday to see how my third week turns out.

    In the meantime, check out a few of my favorite meals from Week 2 of my diet.

    NOTE: These foods are from Week 5 of the five-week low-fat meal plan that gets delivered straight to my front door!

    Forget whiskers on kittens, THESE are a few of my favorite things:

    * Herbed Baked Atlantic Salmon, Brown Rice & Veggies, Carrot & Jicama Medley

    * Greek Style Burrito, Chicken Sausage, Fajita Veggies

    * Turkey Cutlet Sub: Seasoned Turkey Cutlet & Pepper Relish on a Wheat Sub Roll w/applesauce

    * Curried Shrimp, Basmati Rice, Minted Peas

    * Blackened Turkey, Carrot Chipotle Puree, Asparagus Risotto

    I said it before and I'll say it again: This isn't dieting... this is EATING GREAT and LOSING WEIGHT!

    Author: John Mcgran

    Archived posts 2010
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