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  1. Weigh-In Wednesday: I'm Down Another 3 lbs... 17.2 Overall!

    My scale and I are happy to report another great week of weight loss. A few minutes ago, my digital scale announced I had shrank to 218.8 which means I've dropped a full three pounds since last week AND a super 17.2 pounds since I started my Diet-to-Go Low-Fat Traditional meal plan!

    I've got two words for you -- WOO HOO!

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Diet-to-Go is the best diet I've ever followed. They plan the meals, they make the meals and they ship the meals right here to my home.

    All I have to do it heat 'em up and enjoy. And enjoy I do. Just check out my five favorite meals of the past week.

    Mr. Bad Food's Flavorful Five

    5) Savory Shrimp Mango Bisque with a toasted pita

    4) Spicy Thai Turkey with stir-fry rice

    3) Yummy Bistro Chicken Salad with sesame breadsticks

    2) Fantastic Fajita Omelet

    1) Outrageous Orange Roughy fish dinner with cous cous

    Sounds like food you see on a restaurant menu, huh? It is like dining out... without the going out part or the high restaurant prices!

    Diet-to-Go sends the chef to you. Isn't it time you pampered yourself a little and got slimmer and healthier in the process?

    Author: John McGran

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