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  1. Workout At Work - Quick 15 Minute Workout At Your Desk

    Instead of perusing the internet, downing caffeine, or snacking at your desk; throw in a quick workout to stay fit and increase your effectiveness at work.

    15 Minute Workout at Work!

    Video Break-down:

    Do a quick warm-up, grab a sturdy chair (no wheels) and a solid wall. Start with 15 reps of each move and increase reps as you improve.

    • Wall Squats: keep your back flat against the wall and squat.
    • Lunges: place back heel against the wall and front leg forward. Lunge. Switch legs.
    • Calve Raises: Use the wall for balance – lift heels and lower. 45s/15 reps
    • Wall Push-up: Lift on toes and use the wall to pushup
    • Close-Arm Wall Push-up: Use the wall with the hands and arms close together
    • Triceps Dip: Use the chair and move to the end of the chair, legs in front and dip your body.
    • Bent Knee Leg Kicks: Sit tall on your chair to work the legs. Flex-up, Extend, bend, release. Switch legs.
    • Chair Abs: sit closer to the edge of the chair. Lean back and hold, do reverse crunches.
    • Stretch: Use the chair and stretch for the last four minutes. Sidebends, shoulder circles, arms and leg stretches.

    Bonus Workouts:

    * Downloadable Workouts to Take With You (for smartphones, ipods, etc.)

    Author: Lillie Lancaster

    Exercise Tips
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