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  1. Don't Write Off Your Diet Just Yet

    Don't Write Off Your Diet Just Yet

    As I was doing my taxes, I got to thinking about weight loss. I know what you’re thinking – “Get a life, Julia!” But if you’re looking for weight loss inspiration virtually everything in life offers a new insight. When doing our taxes we look for every possible truthful and honest deduction that applies to our situation. Apply the same diligence to your weight loss efforts and I’m confident that the scale will be issuing many “refunds.” So, let’s take a look at the latest craze in dieting, the calorie-deducting Tax Man Diet! Your balance sheet shows you weigh 250 pounds...

  2. Making Positive Life Changes

    Making Positive Life Changes

    A New Year has begun with all that "new" suggests. Perhaps you envision new work endeavors, stronger family ties, and convictions to be more involved with community. Many resolve to become a healthier person. Whatever your goals, I suggest you take small bites. Small bites are sustainable. The mistake many make is to set unrealistic goals like "never again will I eat ice cream!" This rarely works, as most people cannot sustain being in a depravation mode for long. Let's concentrate on making small positive changes for our personal health, our family's health, our community's health and our planet's health....

  3. Helping a Partner Lose Weight

    Helping a Partner Lose Weight

    Do you live with an overweight partner? Nearly two-thirds of Americans do, and it can be challenging on several levels. You want to try and change him or her -- especially because excess weight puts your loved one at risk for heart disease, diabetes, or stroke. But I've found from personal experience that nagging and criticizing don't work. It's more effective to let your partner know that you love and support him or her, and that you hope for a long, healthy, adventure-filled life together. Here are eight secrets to help an overweight partner adopt a healthier...

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