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  1. 5 Natural Sleep Aid Superfoods

    5 Natural Sleep Aid Superfoods

    When you find yourself hungry for a late-night snack, it's the most natural thing in the world to reach for the ice cream, a bag of chips or a nightcap. But would you be selective if you knew that your choice of late-night nosh could make a difference in how easily you fall asleep and stay asleep?

    If you’re hankering for that late-night snack, you might want to put down the Dorito bag and grab one of these 5 natural sleep aid superfoods to help you fall asleep more quickly and your slumber last longer.

  2. The Early Bird or A Post-Work Fitness Routine?

    The Early Bird or A Post-Work Fitness Routine?

    Proper nutrition and dieting are the biggest keys to transforming your life and losing weight. But for most people, getting in a little exercise now and then can really tip the scales between success and failure for overall healthier living.

    Yet for many of us, determining the best time to hit the gym or actively engage our bodies in some way can be tough. Is it better to exercise when our body is physically operating at peak capacity, or does it make more sense to engage our bodies first thing in the morning? 

  3. 5 Healthy Snacks to Push Past Afternoon Cravings

    5 Healthy Snacks to Push Past Afternoon Cravings

    One of the things people struggle with the most when it comes to their diets is snacking. With so many choices out there, snacking can be one of the most confusing areas of our diet. We often wonder what snacks are appropriate to eat, when we should eat them and how they’ll affect our weight loss.

    There are many studies that highlight the benefits of snacking, such as improved appetite control and the opportunity to pre-empt hunger pains by planning for healthy snacks during the day. Yet time and time again, people fail to realize that “snacking” does not mean that it’s okay to grab a bag of salty chips or scarf down a candy bar between meals. 

  4. Top 10 Ways to Stay on Track with Your New Year's Weight Loss Goals

    Top 10 Ways to Stay on Track with Your New Year's Weight Loss Goals

    When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, many of us choose leading a healthier lifestyle as the one at the forefront. Yet staying on track can be difficult to do in our hectic lives.

    To help you maintain focus, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 ways to stay the course with your New Year’s resolution goals, which we believe will keep you motivated as you work to improve your lifestyle the healthy and delicious way!

  5. Chocolate and Wine – A Perfect Match

    Chocolate and Wine – A Perfect Match

    Whenever I tell someone that I’m a dietitian, they automatically think that I’m going to tell them what they cannot eat – the “bad” foods. Similarly, many of my clients look to me as the person who will take their favorite foods away from them. Across the board, people are surprised when they find out that I’m a “nice dietitian”.

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  7. Staying Motivated to Lose Weight

    Staying Motivated to Lose Weight

    When first starting out, staying motivated to lose weight is easy. But what happens when you’ve been on the weight loss quest for weeks, or months, and you still have a ways to go? We all know losing weight is a journey, but what's the secret to staying motivated when the journey is a long way from over? It may be hard, but it is possible.


  8. Weight Loss Plateaus

    Weight Loss Plateaus

    Dreaded, feared and unfortunately, pretty much inevitable: the weight loss plateau. You know the story; you’re doing great, losing weight, feeling fantastic and then…bam! You’re stuck. No matter what you do, the scale does not move. Weight loss plateaus, they are the worst! But what exactly is a weight loss plateau, why do they happen? And more importantly, what can we do to get past them?

  9. Healthy Living Tips

    Healthy Living Tips

    Living a healthy life isn’t always easy. We are constantly bombarded with decadent temptations and conflicting advice in the news. What’s a well-meaning, health-conscious individual to do? If we’ve learned anything here at Diet-to-Go it’s that living healthy is not an all or nothing proposition. Living healthy is about...

  10. Health Benefits of Gardening

    Health Benefits of Gardening

    There’s something to be said for “playing in the dirt.” Gardening – the adult version of dirt playing – can be incredibly gratifying. Seeing that first bit of growth start to pop out of the ground after all your prepping, planting and pampering can be quite satisfying. However, did you realize that besides making you feel good about your agriculture aptitude, there are significant health benefits of gardening? It’s true. It may be time to dust off that shovel.

  11. Juggling the Struggle: Work, Motherhood, Weight...Life!

    Juggling the Struggle: Work, Motherhood, Weight...Life!

    Diet-to-Go is pleased to have Emma Kaufmann as one of our new guest bloggers. A Londoner born and bred, Emma moved to Baltimore, MD eleven years ago with her then new American husband. She has since had two daughters and written a book, Cocktails At Naptime - A Woefully Inadequate Guide to Early Motherhood and publishes her own blog, Mommy Has a Headache. Emma will be sharing her humorous outlook on life, motherhood, career all while struggling to manage her weight.

  12. Exercise and your Brain

    Exercise and your Brain

    We all know exercise helps to increase our energy level, expedites weight loss and helps with weight management efforts, as well as provide tremendous benefits to our overall health, but what about your brain? What if any impact does physical exercise have on your brain? Many people claim that regular exercise helps keep them sane, but what are the facts?

    Are there real, tangible benefits of physical exercise on your brain?


  13. Best Foods for a Healthy Heart

    Best Foods for a Healthy Heart

    Our hearts do so much for us, it’s important we feed them well. Fortunately when you choose Diet-to-Go you can be assured you are getting all the nutrients your heart needs to be healthy and work it’s very best. But what about when you’re not eating Diet-to-Go? What are the best foods for a healthy heart?

  14. Stress and Heart Health

    Stress and Heart Health

    Stress plays a major role in our heart health. In fact, more than exercise or even healthy eating, stress can have the biggest impact on your heart health in a myriad of ways. Learning to understand the kinds of stress, the possible impact it has on your heart and overall health as well as ways to manage stress will go a long way in keeping your heart, and you, as healthy as possible.

  15. Top Five Ways to Improve your Heart Health

    Top Five Ways to Improve your Heart Health

    February, the month of love, is also American Heart Month. Heart Disease is the number one killer of women and cardiovascular disease (which includes a number of conditions affecting the heart) is the leading cause of death for both women and men. While the statistics are dire, the solutions are definitely doable. Read more to see the top five ways to improve your heart health...

  16. Heart Healthy Exercises

    Heart Healthy Exercises

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought it only fitting to focus this blog on showing our hearts some love with an article on heart healthy exercises. Our hearts are constantly working for us; it’s time for us to give back.

  17. What Exactly Does BMI Measure?

    What Exactly Does BMI Measure?

    BMI: three simple letters that can mean so much. BMI stands for Body Mass Index and it’s becoming a universal health screening method. Understanding what exactly BMI measures, the reliability of BMI results and how to interpret those results, will go a long way in providing the information you need to take steps to improve your health.


  18. Breaking Bad Eating Habits

    Breaking Bad Eating Habits

    The key to losing weight, and keeping it off, isn’t some secret potion or magic pill. The way to lose weight is by breaking bad eating habits and in exchange, adopting good ones. Despite promises by many advertisers, losing weight isn’t a quick fix. Losing weight (and keeping it off) is about establishing a common sense approach to healthy eating and exercise. It’s about changing habits in a way that is achievable and sustainable over the long haul.

  19. The Amazing Benefits of Water

    The Amazing Benefits of Water

    Water is amazing! Water can reverse the signs of aging, increase energy level and improve your overall health. In fact, water may be the single most important nutrient in our lives. Every system in our body depends on water from removing waste, to regulating body temperature, to lubricating joints, to name just a few. But, not only does water play a vital role in our general well being, it’s also a key... 


  20. Exercising After a Break

    Exercising After a Break

    It was the holidays, you were traveling, whatever the reason, the result is the same: it’s been awhile since you’ve worked out and getting motivated to start exercising after a break is difficult at best. But, you can get back into an exercise routine, no matter how long your break has been. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it.

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